Use your IRA to buy land.

If you could turn $73,000 into $148,000 in 3.5 years
by purchasing land, would you be interested?

One of our customers did!*

Don’t settle for lackluster investment returns anymore. Learn how you can utilize your IRA and 401K assets to build wealth through real estate! View a recent article on the process from the Wall Street Journal.

Since IRA’s were first created in 1974, IRA owners have been able to "self-direct" where their money is invested. The purchase of real estate, including land, is an interesting alternative to the stock market and an excellent opportunity to diversify investments.

  • Purchase your land in today’s ideal market, while prices are low
  • Use the financial power of your IRA
  • Diversify your investments
  • Take back control of where your money goes and how it will grow

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* 2002 Customer, Sudbury, MA (More Examples Available)